Why Labs are #1!

First off, let me clarify, the title of this post does not represent the views of the photographer or this project…..it might but you’ll never know;)  So I have not just declared a favorite breed……but America has, and for many years running it has been the Labrador Retriever.  Having come in contact with and photographed so many new and exotic breeds over the first couple months of the project I suppose I am kind of guilty of forgetting about the Lab, but a recent shoot was enough to put them right back on top of the heap.

When I used to be heavily into birds, I always reminded myself to recognize and appreciate blue jays as one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. Being common made them no less beautiful.

And so it is with the Lab, America’s best friend.  In the Labs case, despite being a handsome dog, its not as much their looks as their versatility and temperament.  But much like the Blue Jay, it aint their fault they’re everywhere!  And so without further adieu a photographic celebration to remind you who is top dog!:

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