Usage Rights


You’ve received your images and I want you to use them! This is the official rundown of allowances and limitations:

Personal Use – Any personal use is encouraged! This includes printing images, posting them to your Facebook, putting them in digital frames. As long as it’s personal (in no way tied to making money) it’s ok. If you do post images on Facebook and in other public spaces, we do like you to give a nod to Steven Moore Photography/The Breed Project but we probably won’t hunt you down if you don’t.

Breeder/Kennel/Dog Promotion: We know that many of you have Steve photograph your dogs in order to dress up your website or for ads in the dog fancy periodicals. This usage is also encouraged – we love to see your dog and Breed Project images featured in the major dog fancy mags! We do ask that any images appearing in ads either be credited ‘Photography by Steven Moore’ or you can ask for my watermark to give to your ad designer. For you Ridgeback folks if you are advertising with our friends at the Ridgeback Register, Theresa has my watermark on file, so just let her know to incorporate the credit.

Contests: First, I am honored that you are excited about the pics from your shoot and want to enter them in a contest. As tough as it is, because I want you to be able to use the pics however you’d like, this is one usage that is typically not allowed. There are a couple reasons. First, some of these contests are intended for amateurs and photo/dog enthusiasts, so on those grounds we can’t submit Steven Moore Photography (SMP) images. Second, whether the rules are explicit or not, the contests are generally set up with the intention that the person who submits will be the person who made the photograph. I very rarely submit to contests for a number of reasons, but if one of my images is submitted I feel like I should submit it. And finally, the contest arena is not a simple one, many of the contests have fine print that effectively signs away either ownership or image usage rights.

Calendar and Book Submittals: These are generally handled on a case-by-case basis, so please ask with details. Generally speaking, images to be used in digital and print publications that are for profit can be purchased but are otherwise not allowed. Exceptions to this are calendars and books that will be used to raise funds for rescue or breed clubs.   This type of usage is full of gray, so please ask.

Editorial: Please ask before any images are used in an editorial context. Generally, images used to make money directly or indirectly will not be allowed. Again, this is an area full of gray, so please ask. In some cases, if you are writing the editorial or we feel that it has particular value, we will approve even if the publishing agent will profit. For all editorial usage, photo credit will need to be given.