Upcoming! English Setter Layla – Amoroso Xolos – Kengali Ridgebacks


The annual Christmas Rush is over at Steven Moore Photography, the New Year is here, and I finally have time to throw myself into the Breed Project!

A couple shoots coming up that I’m really excited about.

First, at the end of the week is Layla, a 12 year old English Setter.

At the end of the month it’s a day with Amoroso Xolos and breeder Stephanie Mazzarella…..I posted on facebook about this shoot in November but we had to reschedule.  Since then, her dog Basilio, has achieved #5 in the national Xolo rankings!  You can learn more at Amoroso Xolo and follow their blog which is updated regularly.

In February I’ll be doing a shoot with Kengali Ridgebacks in Eustis, Fl.  I met Ginny, the breeder, and a few of her dogs at Meet the Breeds/Eukanuba Dog Show.  Kengali has a new champion, Tobias, now CH Kengali’s Double Naught Spy!  I know that the ‘CH’ is for champion, but Im gonna have to get an education from one of the breeders about the whole naming system….for now I’ll just be content with knowing that when these dogs become champions they get really cool sounding names!  Here is the website for Kengali Ridgebacks and you can check em out on facebook too.

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