What! No Alaskan Husky??????

My education continues!  Ive been photographing dogs for years, but not until this project have I come to take a closer look at the breeds and what they’re all about.

This morning I was ready to post an Alaskan Husky, the dog above, who was on the beach when I did the shoot with Sole.  Understanding Im still in Breeds 101 and working feverishly towards my degree, I tread lightly with my claims, fearful of making some newbie gaff.

There I was on the AKC website, just to quickly confirm I had a dog that was predominantly Alaskan Husky and then make my post.  No Alaskan Husky! No plain old Husky? Let me check again….Alaskan Malamute, American Eskimo Dog, Siberian Husky….definitely no Alaskan Husky.  Sniffing some controversy I became excited.  While the AKC is definitive on breeds they recognize, they really do not speak much to breeds that fall outside their registered breeds and their is often a juicy backstory.  Google time…….

Here is what I found at www.alaskan-husky-behavior.com :

Why isn’t the Alaskan Husky in the AKC registry? This is a common question among people searching for information about the Alaskan Husky. The sled dog is not really a breed, it is a mix of several types of working dogs. The only thing that really matters in determining an Alaskan Husky is the willingness to work and the drive to pull.  

If all breed standards were so simple!  Clearly this spry fellow below is keen to work and his drive to pull is evident.  And so, with complete confidence I declare him pure Alaskan Husky and beg anyone to say differently! On to the pics –


I had a moment of pause….is this a Malamute?? The white face and black cap are distinguishing features, but alas the blue eyes are a disqualifying feature.

As cool as this dog was he was also completely unfamiliar and keen on me. Time to get my ass off the ground!!! Turned out to be very sweet.





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