Breeder Package

The breeder package remains the foundation of our efforts to capture all the 173 AKC breeds.  We research and pursue the best breeders for each breed.  We consider Breeder of Merit status as well as accolades from the show ring and other AKC sanctioned activities as great indicators, but we especially value the ideas and suggestions of National and Regional Breed Clubs with regard to capturing their breed and who they feel would be great breed representatives.

Because it’s the best way for us to achieve the project goals, we’ve done our best to make the Breeder Package a deal that is just too good for you to pass up!  If the deal itself is not enough, consider also that we come to you and provide you an opportunity to showcase your dogs alongside many of the top breeders in the country for their respective breeds!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be featured in publications as a Breed Representative in addition to joining the list of select participants on The Breed Project website.

We still offer the original Breeder Package at an incredible price, but have created several different packages that have grown out of our initial offering based on what we have learned that top breeders are looking for out of a shoot.  We hope each shoot will meet your needs, our project goals,  and exceed both our expectations!

On to the packages and what folks who have participated are saying:

Breeder Package – $650

  • 1 day of shooting (at least 4 hours of shooting)
  • A gallery (example) of images from the shoot (at least 100 images and  you receive hi-res copies of them all) – Studio images from the DogHouse and Outdoor images
  • Photographic rights to all of the images to be used for your kennel’s print and web marketing
  • National recognition as an elite breeder through your participation in the project including written recognition as participant sponsors at all gallery showings, books featuring your dogs, and on the project websites.

Breeder Package + Web Design – $2000

  • Original Breeder Package
  • Design and Build of a WordPress Site that will serve as your website and blog.
  • A 1 hour tutorial that will give you complete control of your site and the ability to make your own updates when you have new litters to announce, want to share a recent win, give your owners a place to interact and share photos, or even create a forum for discussion of the breed! No need to be held hostage by the webmaster any longer. Its easy! We promise!

Breeder Package + Ad Design – $850

We create an Ad according to spec (K9 Chronicle, DogNews, Modern Molosser, etc) from your Breeder Package shoot.  An unbelievable deal when you consider its about what you’d be paying anyway, we come to you, and you get the entire Breeder Package thrown in!

Breeder Agreement and Assurances:

Having worked with a number of top breeders and ranked dogs already, we are highly sensitive to your interest in having control of which images will enter the public domain, both for your reputation and with respect to the furtherance of the breed. With those things in mind and to give you absolute comfort, we have created the Breed Project Agreement that addresses the rights of The Breed Project and the Breeder and provides assurances that the images will reflect favorably upon your kennel and the breed. Breeders make the project possible and we value you!