The Shoot


To maximize the time spent photographing your dogs, we ask that you plan to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes in advance of your scheduled time.

Additionally, we have found that it is helpful to have a predetermined individual from the group help keep things organized and moving within the group. This way, Steve can most effectively photograph each member’s dog within your scheduled block of time. Typically, the group organizer takes on this role, but he or she may also choose another group member to do so instead.

Our goal for the day of the shoot is to not only provide you with beautiful images of your dogs, but for your group to enjoy the process! Group days are an exciting opportunity for you to spend time with your dog friends and family, and we like to maintain a casual, fun atmosphere throughout the day.

Please plan to bring any necessary items to keep your dog engaged and happy throughout the shoot, such as treats, toys, and water.