The Team

Steven Moore, Photographer

Professional Dog Photographer Steven MooreSteve has been a professional photographer for almost 20 years, but made the leap from the corporate world of Environmental Consulting 6 years ago to commit to his true life’s passion full time. His thriving photography business in Miami included corporate, wedding, kids, and pet photography. Dogs – the happiness they bring, their individual personalities, and their relationships with their owners – became his specialty. The Breed Project grew from this specialty. 189 American Kennel Club recognized dog breeds, a camera, a mobile studio, and a National Tour were born.

BudWite, Legend

The Legend of BudWite

BudWite hails from Erie PA. Born the son of a Labrador of the most beautiful white coat and a Keeshond – he embodies the best of each – at least until he gets his breed testing. When he heard The Breed Project was passing through Erie, he stowed away in The DogHouse in search of the attention he wasn’t getting at home. Concerned that The Breed Project team wouldn’t consider him a “fit”, he suggested we launch “The Adventures of BudWite”, believing that if he could build his own following he would reach some level of indispensability. He is a fixture.