What About Us?? Tour

The ‘What About Us Tour’ will take place across April and May.  I have to be in Orlando for 1 week in the end of April, so I have decided to drive there and back from Vegas.  The tour will allow me to tackle two ‘What About Us’ groups, both of whom I hear from frequently on FB and want to be able to accomodate.

The first is the RR ‘what about us’ group that wonders if I will ever do shoots in areas other than the pacific coast – read NYC, Houston, FL, and really anywhere east of Vegas – especially if there are a cluster of you!   The second ‘what about us’ group are those of you who fit the geographic description of the first group but also have the distinction of being among those who feel that I’ve abandoned your breed in my pursuit of RRs!

So for the next week, I will be taking reservations across the country for those who fall into either of these ‘what about us’ categories.  Unlike last summer’s tour (highlight/link) I will be taking some days off along the way so I envision having maybe 30 slots.  Once I have enough folks to make a reasonably efficient route I’ll begin locking down dates and taking deposits.  At that point we’ll be locked in for a shoot on that day barring the ‘act of God’ type stuff.  Because everything will be so tightly scheduled due to the nature of the tour, in the event that God acts there will be little opportunity to reschedule in the immediate.  You will however be given your deposit back and priority on the next cross country what about us tour.

Also different from last year’s tour is that I’ll be traveling light, so no studio/trailer.  Just me, BudWite, and the truck.  Hopefully I’ll be picking up an in-bed camper along the way, but if not it will mean more hotel stays.  Along those lines, any of you who would be willing to put us up for the night after or before your shoot please let us know at the time you sign up.  We also like baseball games and checking out new cities.   And please know that if you offer and we keep moving on after the shoot for whatever reason, this is not a reflection on you or your digs…more likely we have to be hundreds of miles down the road the next day, my best friend lives in the next town over, or I am wayyyyyyyy behind in editing and need to focus in solitude without the distraction of cool dogs and people.

And as  for the third ‘what  about us’ group, those of you who were left at the altar in OR/WA/BC when we got hit with nasty winter weather… well I’ll be visiting you all for all of June and July.