Breeder Agreement

This document explains the shoot process and how the final collection of images from each breed shoot are ‘finalized.’  It also details the ownership and usage rights of the images for Steven Moore Photography (SMP) and the breeder.


The length of the Breeder Package shoot is 4 hours and includes studio and outdoor shoots.  From the shoot Steven Moore Photography will edit and post at least 100 hi-resolution images to a password protected gallery for breeder review.  The Breeder will review the images and provide a list of any images that they would like removed for any reason.  The remaining images will then form ‘the collection’ of images from the shoot and be subject to the terms, ownership, and usage rights outlined below.

Ownership and Usage Rights:

Ownership of the images within ‘the collection’ remains with SMP.

The Breeder has usage rights of the images including personal use and any kennel print and web marketing.  Editorial usage (books, magazines, websites not owned by the breeder) of the images by the Breeder is generally permitted but must be approved on a case by case basis by SMP(to determine if and how the photog will be credited).  Sale of the images by the breeder or usage of the images in products that are for sale is prohibited unless expressly approved by SMP.


The cost of the Breeder Package is $650.  A $100 deposit will be paid to SMP at the time a date is scheduled for the shoot.  The deposit is non-refundable except in the case that  SMP is not able to deliver the shoot on the agreed upon date, (act of God), or it is decided that the shoot is not possible due to inclement weather (at the discretion of SMP).  Any discounts and/or incentives will be applied at the time of the shoot and the balance of payment due.