For info on how shoots work and cost please see the On Black section. To schedule please CLICK ON THE TOUR DATE BELOW TO RESERVE A SESSION and confirm your shoot with a deposit .  If you have questions or would like me to visit your city for On Black Sessions please drop me an […]


Join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of our Huntington Beach Studio!!! SOCAL STUDIO We have opened the Huntington Beach Studio, a permanent studio space, to work specifically towards our goals of photographing all of the breeds (173) on the signature black and producing our first group book – Terriers On Black. The celebration of […]

Nov 28-30 Turkey Run! – Southern California Lure Coursing Club Event

I am taking reservations for any who would like to book me to photograph their dogs at the 39th Annual Turkey Run Nov 28th-30th (a SoCal Lure Coursing Club Event).  If you would like to have your dog photographed please make reservations in advance.  The cost is $100 to reserve a run for your dog […]

April 10 – Southern California Lure Coursing Club Event

I am taking reservations for any who would like to book me to photograph their dogs on Thursday, April 10 at the SoCal Lure Coursing Club Event.  If you would like to have your dog photographed please make reservations in advance.  The cost is $100 to reserve a run for your dog (one dog photographed […]

HARVEST MOON CLASSIC – Del Valle / Pleasanton CA!

I will be attending The Harvest Moon Classic in Pleasantville, CA from October 17-20.  Looking forward to a great show and lots of terrific dogs visiting the Dog House (mobile fine art studio)! Sign up now to participate in The Breed Project and have your dogs immortalized with a set of beautiful images. All Harvest […]

Dog Days land in Amana Iowa with free studio shoots!!!!

The Dog Days have landed at the Amana Iowa Cluster!!!!   I am offering FREE 20 minute shoots to the first dog of each breed to sign up for a shoot.  That’s right, the same ‘on black’ studio shoots in the Dog House that normally go for $200-350 are free!  You will have the option to […]

Dog Days of Summer book project is on Kickstarter – Sign your dog up now!!!!

I am excited to announce a cool ‘project within the project’ – The Dog Days of Summer.  For the Dog Days I’ll be doing a dog shoot every day of summer from June 21-September 21 and then creating a book using one image from each shoot.  The project is open to anyone in the Lower […]

Irish Setters in the Nations Capitol!!!

TBP is excited to be launching our 2013 National Tour at the Irish Setter National Specialty in Washington D.C.!! For those of you who are actually Irish Setter owners/breeders who will be at the show, Steve has sessions available for 10 lucky setters!  If you’re new to the site take a minute to explore and […]

TBP Giving Thanks for 2012 (East Coast Tour)

With so many living on FB, the blog has not been getting its due!  I have been looking for a way to capture what’s happened in the past half year and recommit to making it a central part of The Breed Project going forward…..it is such a great medium for telling the stories that go […]

Tommy and Karma: two up-and-comers among the DDB’s

I met up with Tommy (11 months) and Karma (about 2 months?) in Melbourne, Fl, just before leaving on my tour.  An incredible storm came through right at the time we had scheduled the shoot but we decided to wait it out and things cleared as they often do in Florida.  It actually worked out […]

Why Labs are #1!

First off, let me clarify, the title of this post does not represent the views of the photographer or this project…..it might but you’ll never know;)  So I have not just declared a favorite breed……but America has, and for many years running it has been the Labrador Retriever.  Having come in contact with and photographed […]

Tori and her pups…..they have ridges!!!

This is the first of a couple posts I’m going to make for Kengali’s Ridgebacks.   As you have probably already inferred, I am crazy about these dogs….thanks in large part to Ginny and all her great dogs!  Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but one of Kengali’s girls had just had pups the Monday […]

Westminster Here We Come!!

Hey Folks! Scrambling to get out the door for my 24 hr drive to Westminster but wanted to update you on what’s coming up over the next couple weeks.  First, I still have a couple slots open for individual dog owners and breeders between now and the end of the month – will come to […]

Kengali Ridgebacks Preview

Its been a crazy week at SMP! Eighty kids on Monday and Tuesday, then a shoot for Martha Stewart show Wednesday evening in West Palm, all day with Kengali Ridgebacks in Eustis, Fl on Thurs and then back to shoot a wedding on Saturday.  Needless to say Im backlogged on the editing, but I am […]

What! No Alaskan Husky??????

My education continues!  Ive been photographing dogs for years, but not until this project have I come to take a closer look at the breeds and what they’re all about. This morning I was ready to post an Alaskan Husky, the dog above, who was on the beach when I did the shoot with Sole.  […]

Upcoming! English Setter Layla – Amoroso Xolos – Kengali Ridgebacks

The annual Christmas Rush is over at Steven Moore Photography, the New Year is here, and I finally have time to throw myself into the Breed Project! A couple shoots coming up that I’m really excited about. First, at the end of the week is Layla, a 12 year old English Setter. At the end […]

Vizslas – Banjo Reggae and Georgia

I have finally finished editing the Vizsla shoot! I am determined to keep The Breed Project chugging along with regular shoots and blog posts despite the annual November Christmas family photo rush.  We’ll see! This being one of my first posts of an A.K.C purebred that was shot specifically for the project, Im still sort […]

Koko – Teacup Yorkie

This is Koko,  a handsome example of a Yorkshire Terrier and officially my first subject for The Breed Project.  Now before the Yorkie aficionados come out with guns blazing, let me say that Koko makes no claim on the breed standard.  He is no showdog for sure, his virtue lies in the ‘outstanding pet’ department! Actually, […]