TBP Giving Thanks for 2012 (East Coast Tour)

With so many living on FB, the blog has not been getting its due!  I have been looking for a way to capture what’s happened in the past half year and recommit to making it a central part of The Breed Project going forward…..it is such a great medium for telling the stories that go […]

Tommy and Karma: two up-and-comers among the DDB’s

I met up with Tommy (11 months) and Karma (about 2 months?) in Melbourne, Fl, just before leaving on my tour.  An incredible storm came through right at the time we had scheduled the shoot but we decided to wait it out and things cleared as they often do in Florida.  It actually worked out […]

Tori and her pups…..they have ridges!!!

This is the first of a couple posts I’m going to make for Kengali’s Ridgebacks.   As you have probably already inferred, I am crazy about these dogs….thanks in large part to Ginny and all her great dogs!  Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but one of Kengali’s girls had just had pups the Monday […]

Vizslas – Banjo Reggae and Georgia

I have finally finished editing the Vizsla shoot! I am determined to keep The Breed Project chugging along with regular shoots and blog posts despite the annual November Christmas family photo rush.  We’ll see! This being one of my first posts of an A.K.C purebred that was shot specifically for the project, Im still sort […]