I am seeking 1 outstanding breeder for each of the 173 breeds, for a day of photography and a collection of beautiful fine art images representing their breed for this project.

The greatest challenge of this project is the scope – completing all 173 breeds in a reasonable amount of time. How do I get beautiful artistic images (both studio and outdoors) that show the diversity within the breed standard and across sex and age without going outside the standard ……and do it in all in one extended shoot for each breed. The answer: Breeders.  By collaborating with the best breeders I will be working with individuals who are the most knowledgeable and care deeply about their particular breed. Through this collaboration I hope to gain an understanding of the history of each breed and what makes it unique. For each breed, participation will be exclusive to one or two breeders selected for a tradition of award-winning dogs and/or a reputation for the finest dogs among their breed community.

How it works:

In order to maintain artistic control of the project, it is being funded entirely by Steven Moore Photography. If you would like to be the representative for your breed the cost is $600. The value of participation in this project to an elite breeder should far exceed the photographic expense that you would otherwise incur through the normal course of campaigning your show dogs and marketing your kennel.

What you will receive:

  • 1 day of shooting (at least 4 hours of shooting)
  • A gallery of images from the shoot (at least 75 images)
  • Photographic rights to all of the images to be used in your marketing campaigns
  • Prints: 8×10(1), 5×7 (10), and unlimited professional lab printing at wholesale cost
  • National recognition as an elite breeder through your participation in the project including written recognition as participant sponsors at all gallery showings, in books featuring your dogs, and on the project websites.

What I am looking for from you:

  • A collection of beautiful images for each of the 173 breeds
  • A breed education prior to shoot (in addition to my own breed research)
  • Ownership and rights to the images produced from the shoot

If you would like to have your dogs photographed for the project please contact Steve at or 305-975-9005.  While this opportunity is being presented to a pool of breeders for each breed meeting the project’s selection criteria, participation will be exclusive to one or two breeders so act quickly to take advantage of this limited opportunity.