TBP Giving Thanks for 2012 (East Coast Tour)

With so many living on FB, the blog has not been getting its due!  I have been looking for a way to capture what’s happened in the past half year and recommit to making it a central part of The Breed Project going forward…..it is such a great medium for telling the stories that go along with the dog pics.

So today, on Turkey Day, I am taking a moment to give thanks for all the terrific dogs and owners I have had the privilege of working with on my East Coast tour which began in June.  Im doing it by way of a monster photo post with at least a dog from each stop along the way – hope you enjoy it!

…….and stay tuned for news of future TBP plans – specifically the unveiling of the 2013 NATIONAL TOUR on the way……….we will be coming to you like never before!!

From a week ago w BasCoVail Border Terriers….but this BT says ‘lets start at the beginning!’

Sole…..a Pointer, patrolling the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

my first Breeder shoot with Kengali back in February. Big Strong Fast Agile Smart….why I fell in love with the Ridgebacks – thanks for being first and for the introduction to what has become my favorite breed Ginny! See you in Orlando;)

a personal favorite….OddJob!

waitin their turn

Bolt? Comet? ……i dont know;)

Buster Boo! …..#9 pug

Jade – Brittany, Centre Hall PA

Breeze doin his ‘get the treat, replace the lid’ routine – Bloomsburg PA

DDB nap


Will I Am – my favorite name from the tour so far – Bloomsburg PA

Buddha – #1 DDB in the country. Taken it easy after a big weekend of wins – Bloomsburg PA

End of the Road Kennels – DDBs from Erie PA

One of my favs! ‘Ida Belle’s a Ringin’ She is the #1 Ridgeback in the country, has one of the coolest names, and I count her as a personal friend (you too Lynn;) – Canfield OH

#1 Sussex

Abbey Gail – Spinone- this was probably the most challenging shoot I did in the first year of the tour – not because of Abbey though – it was raining and there was barely any light but Stubborn Steve insists on using natural light!

Turbo – Cobleskill NY

Mira – one of Costa Bel Cane Corso’s next champs!

Cairn Terrier – Bloomsburg?

Yvonne and her Cane Corsos – more coming of this crew next week!

China/Sirius? Doug dont kill me – I have a time telling them apart;)

Rye on the hunt


Ethel….what a sweet girl!

Tipper – highly ranked Dachshund with one of my favorite handlers – Rhanda Glenn

Tipper – I want to say he is #1 in the country, if not he is close;)

Me and Zoe – a highly ranked Black Russian. However Zoe looks in this pic she is jet black!

one of my personal favs – fell in love with Garth! #4 Bloodhound


Mak – top 10

Mikko – future DDB champ

Mikko – DDB – Bloomsburg PA

Nina was as sweet as they come!


veteran pug Spike – another of Ashley’s terrific pugs!


Percel – one of my first studio shoots on the tour!

I love this job!!!!

Coursing Creek Ridgebacks in the BlueRidge – AKA Heaven!
Thanks Susie and Max – love you guys! See you in Alaska;)

Doc and Bishop – James River, Richmond VA

Torro – representin for the Ridgebacks in Richmond VA

Fin!!!! two licks from this guy and I felt like I had just stepped out of the shower!

Fin and the pups – Suffolk VA

The three Xolo’s…put together for the Martha Stewart Show prior to Westminster but we missed the deadline:(

Boston DDB

Sue and Bubba(?) – thanks for everything Sue – you are near and dear to TBP!!!!

Thommy – DDB – Florida

Layla and Henry – a sweet old vet (Layla, I mean…your sweet to Henry)

Highlight of TBP for me so far! Bubba, therapy dog and 2012 breed ambassador (not kidding), with Anthony who recently got out of the hospital with his new Kidney. Awesome kid awesome dog – still get teary eyed when I look at these best buds!

Tucker – Jacksonville FL

Medusa DDB

Chloe – #1 Pug bitch. Another of Ashley’s amazing pugs!

Buster Boo I think

Orso – Cane Corso – Miami FL

Maverick! A Basset/Beagle mix picked up at Drool Fest (Basset Rescue)….one of two dogs TBP had a hand in rescuing.

Huntin w/ Bob and Bing

Made two great new friends at Decoverly Kennels in PA – they shared their knowledge of setters and labs and lots of good times!!- thanks Bob and Bridget!

Gaspar at Coal Dogs


My good buddy Gaspar!

Bibi – std poodle – Norwich, CT

Lady ….Melissa’s beautiful tripod dog…..this is one happy and lucky dog!

Crash – Chessie – Decoverly Kennels PA

I spent over 3 weeks at Decoverly…..Dixie was there for most of it and I fell in love;)

Crazy athletic Olive…one of Bridgets amazing labs!

ok, Olive was remarkable enough to get two shots;)


Trapper in the field

Thanks again to everyone! TBP is looking forward to 2013 National Tour.

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  1. Doug Hill says:

    How awesome, the American purebred dogs, what a great portfolio. Well done and what beautiful workmanship.

  2. Sue Struzik says:

    Hi Steve, What a beautiful album and yes I am so jealous of the job you have. What a delight to have the privilege of shooting all these fantastic dogs! Each one of them has a story to tell. As I have told you in the past, you really should write a book of all the places you have visited and people you’ve met. I’m sure you would have some funny stories to share. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! I look forward to rest of your journey<3 Sue

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