This post features Sole (pronounced Solay) who I met down in Costa Rica in mid-December.  Since starting the breed project, whenever I run into a mixed breed I feel compelled to try and figure out what’s in the mix.  Sole puzzled for me for a few hours, I kept thinking some sort of hound.  What was she? ………… and then she did this:


She was so obviously  Pointer (predominantly) that I felt a little silly.  The AKC’s Pointer Page left me feeling a little bit better  ‘….the Pointers lineage is foggy, but there is no question that it  includes Foxhound, Greyhound, and Bloodhound

Sole was the dog of Isabela, the owner of Las Avellanas Villas, where I stayed.  One afternoon I was privileged enough to take her on her ½ hour afternoon walk down to the beach, shooting the whole way!!  These are some of my favorites from the afternoon.

Lets go already

Despite the thousands of blurry images in my files, I continue to be amazed at just how fast dogs are! The fastest breeds are up around 50 mph!

I love the way this shot captures speed in a still....4 strides on and the splash from the first still rising!!!

The bird got away.

Sole continued undaunted:

Moving on to easier prey:

Isabela is also a great photographer in her own right, you can check out more of Sole (her shots) at her site and also her beautiful project working with reflections.

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